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-ING Groups

What is an -ING group?

  • The -ING group title comes from many of the group names ending in “-ING”, such as: BowlING, ExplorING, SewING, RunnING, BicyclING, GolfING, PinterestING, BarbecuING, etc.  It is a weekly meetup to participate in an activity suggested by the group name.  There will be roughly 10+ groups identified for the summer 2023 period.

In what time frame will they be occurring?

  • Groups will begin meeting on or after June 4th and will wrap up by the end of August.

When and where do attendees meet?

  • The group lead will publish a meeting schedule, with a meeting day/night that is mutually based on leader’s and participants’ availability.

Do I need to sign up for a group?

  • Yes.  You may sign up for more than one group, if you like.

Can I invite a friend to attend with me?

  • Generally, yes, but check with the group leader on this.

Do I have to attend every group meetup?

  • No, but it is preferred to attend when you are able! We understand Summer is busy with vacations and family activities.

Is there a cost?

  • Possibly.  Your group leader will indicate this when leaders are finalized; that information will also be published here once groups are finalized.  For example, a BowlING group would require you to pay for games and shoe rental.

Can I create/suggest a group?

  • Certainly.  If the group name you provide is not very revealing, you should include additional detail of what you have in mind.

Summer of 2023 -ING Groups




Saturday Afternoon

Saturday AM/Afternoon

Dan Matarazzo

Tom Swartz

Tuesday Night

Nancy Kanizar


David & Joanie Ranz

Tuesday Night

Jeff Roth

Wednesday Night

Dennis Wagner


Angela N. & Sheena L.

Monday or Thursday

Tom Swartz




Saturday AM

Saturday AM/Afternoon

Friday Evenings

1st/3rd Wednesday

Kaci Alexander

Shem Hernandez

Jenni S. & Debi C.

Nancy Kanizar

Johanna Zerrusen

Kay Stocksdale

Kay Stocksdale

For more information on each group click the group name above or click here!

Interested In Attending a Group or Want More Information?
Let Us Know!

Which Group(s) Are You Interested In?

Thanks for your interest. Tom or the group lead will contact you soon with more details!

If you have questions or want more information, contact Tom Swartz, Director of Skyline Groups.

Email: Phone: 618-977-8844

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