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Community Groups

What is a Community Group?

It is a small group of Skyline members, friends, and guests that gathers weekly to study God’s word; engages folks in their local neighborhoods; and does life together in fun and meaningful ways.  There are many groups that meet throughout the week, usually in the homes of our members.

In what time frame will they be occurring?

Groups will begin meeting weekly on or after September 18th and will wrap up at the end of May of the following year, with breaks at various times.


When and where do attendees meet?

Each group meets at a prescribed time and location.  


Do I need to sign up for a group?

Yes.  Refer to the list of groups on the signup page (go to link below).  If you find, after attending a particular group for a brief period, you are inclined to try a different group, you are permitted to do this.  Note that groups may reach a “full” status at some point, and may not be able to take on additional signups.  You can also sign up for a group at the Skyline Church Next Steps Desk.


Can I invite a friend to attend with me?

Generally, yes, but check with the group leader on this.


Do I have to attend every group meeting?

No, but it is preferred that group members attend when they are able.


Is there a cost?

If the group is conducting a video/book study, there may be a nominal cost for those materials.  Likewise, if there is childcare in the group, the members generally contribute something each night for the childcare provider.  And if there are group outings such as a restaurant meal or a movie etc., you would cover your costs.


How do I join a group?

Contact our Community Groups Director Tom Swartz for information and to see what groups are available at

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